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Regional Infrastructure Hubs

Our Regional Infrastructure Hubs provide access to significant pieces of industry-level, wine production capital equipment in New Zealand’s key wine regions. The nature of these technologies means they are located at convenient regional facilities, rather than as mobile services to the winery door.

We rigorously research, test and invest in specialised new technology and equipment, to provide a range of the latest process innovations, through our Regional Infrastructure Hubs in New Zealand’s major wine regions.

We have Regional Infrastructure Hubs located in Hawke’s Bay and Marlborough. These facilities are operated by our team of skilled and experienced Wine Technicians.

Further, through our partnerships with technology world-leaders, Vintech Pacific can support our clients with the world’s-best technical, theoretical and process know-how.

We provide cutting edge technologies for creating award-winning no and low alcohol wines, ciders and other beverages. Access our skill and expertise to craft products your customers will love, for this rapidly growing new category.

Vintech Pacific produces superb quality, grape spirit from a range of winery resources. We offer a choice of proof-strengths and flavour profiles, providing smooth, harmonious integration, for superior quality brandy and spirit-based drinks or as a base for extracts and tinctures. We also produce a range of aromas, flavours and botanicals as food and beverage ingredients.

With fruit from your own vineyard, we can manufacture high quality GJC, clarified to exacting specifications and then concentrated through an evaporation process to produce liquid concentrated grape sugar at 68º brix.

  • Grape Juice Evaporator
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  • Juiceworks