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Image © Vintech Pacific

Vintech Pacific produces superb quality, grape spirit from a range of winery resources. We offer a choice of proof-strengths and flavour profiles, providing smooth, harmonious integration, for superior quality brandy and spirit-based drinks or as a base for extracts and tinctures. We also produce a range of aromas, flavours and botanicals as food and beverage ingredients.

We provide a facility to transform products such as strip-water from alcohol adjustment, permeate from RO concentration, or compromised wine stock into the purest form of grape-based alcohol available.

In addition, we can supply high quality grape spirit, at almost any proof-strength, and can tailor the flavour profile to the client’s requirements; from flavourful and aromatic to truly neutral, to suit the end use.

From vintage 2023 onwards, we will add Sauvignon Blanc grape spirit to our product offering, providing an ideal base for crafting ultra-premium gin and other flavoured spirits.