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Spinning Cone Column

Image © Vintech Pacific

Vintech Pacific is New Zealand’s leader in the production of low and no-alcohol wines, ciders and other beverages. We have developed significant experience and intellectual property in this important new market segment.

The Spinning Cone Column is a distillation device with established commercial applications including alcohol removal from wines and ciders and beers. This technology has further applications in the recovery of flavours from wines, ciders, fruit juices, tea, coffee and more.

Spinning Cone Column distillation occurs under vacuum so the temperatures reached are much lower and for far
shorter periods than with other more traditional distillation technologies. Being far more gentle, spinning cone is ideal for many wine and beverage making applications.

The Spinning Cone Column not only gently gently adjusts alcohol levels but extracts desirable volatile compounds. Those captured compounds can be later recombined into the finished wine, cider or beverage, enhancing the organoleptic profile.

  • De-alcoholisation of wine and cider.
  • Alcohol adjustment for improved balance.
  • Sulphur removal from grape juice.
  • Production of aromatic and flavour extracts for product innovation.