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Memstar RO Alcohol Adjustment

Image © Vintech Pacific

Vintech Pacific are the market leader when it comes to beverage alcohol adjustment and the production of No-&-Lo alcohol drinks.

To decrease alcohol by a small amount, up to perhaps a couple of degrees, for the purposes of palate balance or fine-tuning excise liability, reverse osmosis remains the industry standard.

Recent changes to how excise is calculated in the UK market, means that in some cases, it can be financially prudent to adjust the exisable alcohol content of wine and other beverages, to maintain an existing retail price point.

We have Memstar RO units for projects of any size and volume.

For the production of products of lower alcohol, specifically for the Lo & No alochol wines and drinks segment, see our Spinning Cone Column facilities, located in Napier and Blenheim.

Memstar MIDI10 for RO Alcohol Adjustment
Memstar MIDI10 for RO Alcohol Adjustment