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Flash Pasteurisation

Image © Vintech Pacific

Flash Pasteurisation is a sophisticated technical process where either juice or wine is held for 30 seconds at a temperature up to 80 degrees Celsius and then taken back to normal temperature “in a flash”.

This process can be used to provide microbial stability to unfermented grape juice, allowing it to be transported or stored for periods of around a week, with negligible risk of fermentation or spoilage; generally enough time to transport to a winery or bottling facility.

Flash Pasteurisation is a good treatment for enzyme inhibiting and for dealing with rot or botrytis from the vineyard and is also known to improve aroma and shelf stability in wine, enhance aspects of flavour and remove laccase.

Flash Pasteurisation can also be used to make kosher wines ‘mevushal’. Such wines can keep their kosher status even if made or touched by a non-Jew and can be used in restaurants or by caterers where they may be handled by non-Jewish waiters.