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Technology Sales

Vintech Pacific are sales agents for some of the world’s leading manufacturers of winery equipment. We offer a comprehensive sales and support package. Our exclusive territories include both New Zealand and Australia.

  • Experience and expertise to assist clients to select the ideal equipment for their specific needs.
  • Installation and staff training.
  • Maintenance and engineering support.

For all technology sales enquiries, please contact…

Equipment Sales

Guy Rutledge
Head Office, Gisborne
M: 021 783 236

Colin Ford

Colin Ford
M: 022 484 2810

With more than 65 years of experience in the wine industry as a pioneer and leader in innovation, Grupo Agrovin is our global, strategic partner in the development of winemaking products, equipment and systems.
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As the global leader in alcohol and flavor management for over 30 years, BevZero has always prioritized quality. Quality, defined as the best service, using cutting edge technology and a team of experts to dealcoholize wine, beer, cider, spirits and other alcoholic beverages reducing by a small amount or all the way to 0.05% abv if desired, while preserving 100% of the natural aromas and flavors.
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Oenodia is the oenology division of Euodia Industrie, one of the world’s leading specialists in membrane-based treatments for the agri-food industry.

Working closely with the National Agricultural Research Institute (Institut National de Recherche Agronomique – INRA), led to an innovative and high-performance solution to address the challenges of Tartaric Stabilization: Electrodialysis, now called STARS, based on a controlled and measured extraction of potassium, calcium and tartrates.

The STARS technique remains unique and exclusive to OENODIA today.
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Separator Technology Solutions (STS)is an Australian manufacturer of high performance, self-cleaning, disk-type centrifuge systems, ideal for the clarification of juice, must, lees, wine and even beer.

A key advantage of the STS system over older centrifuges is a very low oxygen pick-up, as low as 0.02mg of oxygen per litre of wine or beer.

For example, The STS45 model is a disk-type centrifuge with the efficiency to process entire tanks of juice or wine, including the lees. This system ejects solids at a concentration of ~ 95% v/v, so that no further product recovery is necessary by lees filter or RDV.

This superior method to manage solids and to eliminate the need for racking of juices and wines, avoids consequent product losses and quality-value downgrades.
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VAF Memstar is the international leader in providing innovative filtration solutions for a range of beverages across Australia, New Zealand and the globe. VAF Memstar’s range of products, technicians and services provide tailored resolutions to suit all producers’ needs with innovative equipment designed to increase product market value and reduce losses.
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