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Technology Sales: Agrovin


With more than 65 years of experience in the wine industry as a pioneer and leader in innovation, Grupo Agrovin is our global, strategic partner in the development of winemaking products, equipment and systems.

Extraction of the maximum potential of the grape by Ultrasound.

Ultrasound technology increases the extraction of compounds from grapes in a shorter time relative to traditional vinification.

Ultrawine Perseo reduces costs in the vinification process, improving the quality of wines through ultrasound, which until now has not been used in the winemaking sector and which promises to be the future of oenology.

Intelligent Gas Management

Oxi_Out allows the selective addition or removal of low molecular weight gases (O2 and CO2) by means of specific membranes.

Correct gas management during production can substantially improve the quality of bottled wines.

Oxi-Out can reduce the concentration of oxygen, thus reducing browning and the appearance of oxidation aromas in wines.

The addition of CO2 enhances the freshness of white and rosé wines, while the removal of this gas will reduce the astringent sensation in red wines.

Cation Exchange

This new system uses advanced cation transfer technology to effectively remove potassium, rendering must and wine effectively tartrate stable. Calcium and other metal cations, such as copper and iron, can also be reduced.

FreeK+ is highly efficient, often requiring just ten percent of the total volume of must or wine to be treated to gain effective results.

Treating just 10 – 20 percent of must can render 100 percent of wine volume stable for metal cations, such as potassium, calcium, copper and iron.


Comprehensive Fermentation Management

AGROVIN offers this innovative system, which enables the conversion of any conventional tank into an automatic fermenter.

Ulises by Agrovin offers equipment that is flexible and adaptable to each winery’s specific needs, making it possible to expand after starting with a simple installation.

• Pumping-Over System
• Temperature Probes
• Density Probes
• Redox Potential Probes
• Dosiox (Oxygen Dosage)
• U/S And Laser Level Sensors