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Alpha Magic Recovery

Image © Vintech Pacific

The innovative, new Alpha Magic process is a modern alternative to RDV, for the efficient recovery of valuable juice and wine from material with high solids content.

Product wastage is a thing of the past with Alpha Magic and with wine values at an all-time high, it makes good sense to recover every litre possible from juice lees, bentonite lees, racking lees, barrel lees and fermenting wine.

A key benefit of this system is it’s low propensity for oxidation of the filtrate, while maintaining a high recovery rate, in the 50% – 80% range. Furthmore, Alpha Magic is a highly automated system for low running costs and high reliability.

Flow Rate: 500L/hour on average.
Clean Time: 20 minutes approx.

To greater care for the environment, Vintech Pacific uses expanded perlite as a filtration medium, which goes into the standard winery waste-stream, rather than traditional Diatomaceous Earth, which is troublesome and expensive to dispose of suitably.

Alpha Magic can be operated as a stand-alone unit to deliver valuable product for further processing. Or, when combined with Vintech Pacific’s Titanium Crossflow, Alpha Magic can deliver bottle ready product in a single pass, with minimal product losses.

Alpha Magic is available exclusively from Vintech Pacific.
Agents for Agrovin in New Zealand & Australia.